Hydraulic Quick Disconnect


TCH Industries has partnered with Dixon Valve to supply a wide range of hydraulic quick disconnects. Whether you have a pressure washer quick disconnect, or a 10,000 PSI quick disconnect, TCH Industries can quickly supply the exact style you need. Please see the products below for more information.

AG Series

AG Series Quick Disconnect

AG-Series quick disconnects interchange with:

  • Parker/Pioneer 4000 Series
  • Faster NS/NV Series
  • Stucchi IR-Series
  • Safeway Series-S20
  • Snap-Tite 60 Series

H Series

H Series Quick Disconnect

H-Series quick disconnects interchange with ISO7241 Series B which include:

  • Parker 60-Series
  • Hansen HK-Series
  • Stucchi IRB/IRBO/IRBX Series
  • Faster HNV Series
  • Aeroquip/Eaton FD45 Series
  • Snap-Tite 72-Series

K Series

K Series Quick Disconnect

K-Series quick disconnects interchange with ISO7241 Series A which include:

  • Parker 6600-Series
  • Hansen HA-15000
  • Safeway S56-Series
  • Faster ANV Series
  • Aeroquip/Eaton FD56 Series

HT Series

HT Series Quick Disconnect

HT-Series Flat Face, or Flush Face, quick disconnects interchange with ISO 16028 which include:

  • Parker FEM-Series
  • Hansen FF-Series
  • Faster FFN Series
  • Aeroquip/Eaton FD89 Series

T Series

T Series Quick Disconnect

T-Series thread together quick disconnects interchange with:

  • Enerpac C604
  • Parker/Pioneer 3000-Series
  • Stucchi IVHP
  • Hansen WS56000
  • Snap-Tite 76 Series

V Series

V Series Quick Disconnect

V-Series quick disconnects interchange with MIL-C-51234 which include:

  • Snap-Tite H/IH
  • Faster TNV/TNL

E Series

E Series Quick Disconnect

E-Series quick disconnects are Straight Through Pressure Washer which interchange with:

  • Parker ST-Series
  • Hansen ST-Series
  • Foster FST-Series
  • Tomco Series-ST

W Series

W Series Quick Disconnect

W-Series thread together couplings interchange with:

  • Parker 6100-Series
  • Safeway S51-Series
  • Faster Series-FB
  • Aeroquip/Eaton 5100-Series
  • Snap-Tite 78-Series

Special fittings and
attachments available.

Contact our inside sales team to help configure the metal hose and coupling that’s right for your application.

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