Is it some sort of frequent shopper program for end users? Well….. yes and no. Yes because our end users that frequently buy from us realize the advantages and value TCH brings to the table over the course of time. These advantages include the high service levels we provide when it comes to delivery time and responsiveness to their inquiries, or they may have encountered a difficult application our experienced staff provided a solution that in the past had mystified our competitors. Typically our customers relationships become stronger over the course of time because of the quality solutions we provide for flow, flexibility, and sealing challenges they face in their process systems. These solutions translate into value for our customers and further solidifies our relationships in the marketplace. In conclusion, the TCH Advantage is the value we create for our customers with exceptional service levels and the ability to provide quality products and solutions to flow, flexibility and sealing applications in a timely manner. Please call us at 330-487-5155 to discover the TCH Advantage.