Industrial Hoses from TCH Industries

Industrial hoses and fittings for any application from 1/4″ to 48″!

Yes that is correct … 48″ diameter. We can help you with a ¼” Air Hose all the way up to a 48″ Material Handling hose and everything in between.

Hoses for all applications, sizes and pressures

TCH is your one-stop shop for a broad range of applications in the market place. If you need to convey a liquid, gas, or solid, call TCH for a custom solution.

TCH Industries offers chemical hose assemblies

With our extensive portfolio of chemical hoses, with different tube liners (modified xlink, UHMW, FEP etc), we can provide a solution for transferring solvents, chemicals, or acids. In addition, our chemical hose assemblies are hydro-statically tested to meet and exceed industry standards.

We can add custom fittings or change fittings while you wait

Yes – bring us that assembly that scares others away, and we will work to find a solution while you wait.

Chemical Hose

Concrete Hose

Composite Hose

Cam & Groove

Special fittings and
attachments available.

TCH has been providing flow and flexibility solutions for over 30 Years. How do we do it?

Because of long time relationships with suppliers, experienced staff and our on-site production facility, we provide exceptional service – that’s the TCH Advantage

Knowledgeable and experienced staff, extensive inventory with the equipment required to fabricate both small and large diameter hose assemblies, quality processes (ISO 9001:2008) and systems, and we align with the best manufacturers in the industry. Add it up and we can provide solutions for your most challenging industrial, hydraulic, and metal hose applications.

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