TCH Industries has partnered with Dixon Valve to supply a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic quick disconnects. Whether you need a hydraulic quick disconnect for your excavator, a pressure washer quick disconnect, an air hose quick disconnect, or anything in between, TCH Industries can quickly supply the exact style you need. Please see the products below for more information.

Hydraulic Quick Disconnects

AG Series

AG Series Quick Disconnect

AG-Series quick disconnects interchange with:

  • Parker/Pioneer 4000 Series
  • Faster NS/NV Series
  • Stucchi IR-Series
  • Safeway Series-S20
  • Snap-Tite 60 Series

H Series

H Series Quick Disconnect

H-Series quick disconnects interchange with ISO7241 Series B which include:

  • Parker 60-Series
  • Hansen HK-Series
  • Stucchi IRB/IRBO/IRBX Series
  • Faster HNV Series
  • Aeroquip/Eaton FD45 Series
  • Snap-Tite 72-Series

K Series

K Series Quick Disconnect

K-Series quick disconnects interchange with ISO7241 Series A which include:

  • Parker 6600-Series
  • Hansen HA-15000
  • Safeway S56-Series
  • Faster ANV Series
  • Aeroquip/Eaton FD56 Series

HT Series

HT Series Quick Disconnect

HT-Series Flat Face, or Flush Face, quick disconnects interchange with ISO 16028 which include:

  • Parker FEM-Series
  • Hansen FF-Series
  • Faster FFN Series
  • Aeroquip/Eaton FD89 Series

T Series

T Series Quick Disconnect

T-Series thread together quick disconnects interchange with:

  • Enerpac C604
  • Parker/Pioneer 3000-Series
  • Stucchi IVHP
  • Hansen WS56000
  • Snap-Tite 76 Series

V Series

V Series Quick Disconnect

V-Series quick disconnects interchange with MIL-C-51234 which include:

  • Snap-Tite H/IH
  • Faster TNV/TNL

E Series

E Series Quick Disconnect

E-Series quick disconnects are Straight Through Pressure Washer which interchange with:

  • Parker ST-Series
  • Hansen ST-Series
  • Foster FST-Series
  • Tomco Series-ST

W Series

W Series Quick Disconnect

W-Series thread together couplings interchange with:

  • Parker 6100-Series
  • Safeway S51-Series
  • Faster Series-FB
  • Aeroquip/Eaton 5100-Series
  • Snap-Tite 78-Series

Pneumatic Quick Disconnects

F Series

DF Series Quick Disconnect

DF Series, or industrial quick disconnects interchange with:

  • Parker 20 Series
  • Parker 30 Series
  • Foster 3, 4, 5, & 6 Series
  • Hansen 1000, 400, & 500 Series
  • Hansen 3000, 4000, 5000, and 6000 Series

J Series

J Series Quick Disconnect

J Series, or automotive pneumatic quick disconnects interchange with :

  • Parker 10-Series
  • Truflate Automotive Interchange
  • Rectus 55KM
  • Tomco A2100/PT400

M Series

M Series Quick Disconnect

M Series pneumatic quick disconnects interchange with:

  • ARO 210 and ARO 310
  • Hansen 210 / 310 Series
  • Parker 50 Series
  • Amflo Type B

P Series

P Series Quick Disconnect

 P Series, or Thor pneumatic quick disconnects interchange with:

  • Thor PHC Series
  • National Series A
  • Dual Lock
  • Campbell Double Lock

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