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Technical Resources
Thread Identification

Eaton Thread ID Guide

Need help identifying threads? Click the link above.


SAE Fittings

View the above chart for information on SAE fittings.

Pipe Weld Fitting Dimensions

Pipe Weld Fittings

Follow the link above to find more information on pipe weld fittings.

Weld Neck Flange Dimensions

Weld Neck Flange Dimensions

Need help with weld neck flanges? Check out the link above.

ANSI Flange Dimensions

ANSI Flanges

Click the link above for more information on ANSI flanges.

Phase Angles
Hydraulic Hose Assembly

Click HERE to view NAHAD’s Hydraulic Hose Assembly Specification Guidelines.

Technical Resources
Temperature Derating

Metal hose temperature derating chart.

Pipe Wall Dimensions

Pipe Wall Dimensions

Follow the link above for more info!

Chemical Compatibility

Chemical Compatibility

View the PDF above for more info!

Flow Rate & Pressure

Eaton Flow Rate Chart

Click the link above for more info!

PVC Derating

PVC Sch 80 PVC derating

Follow the link above for schedule-80 PVC derating.

Thread Pressure Ratings

Thread Pressure Ratings

 Click the link above for SAE requriements for thread pressure ratings.

We Are Hosers.

Our focus and obsession is the distribution, fabrication, and manufacturing of hose assemblies for industry and hose related products. Founded nearly 40 years ago, we are proudly owned and operated by the same family. Our manufacturing partners are some of the biggest and best names: Eaton, Parker, Dixon Valve, Hose Master, Brennan, Hannay Reels, and many others.

In short, we are a customer-centric hose company filled with happy professionals who can help you meet all your hose related needs.

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