Our Hose Services


Tell us about your hose application and we’ll use STAMPED to help recommend a hose assembly design.

Size – Diameter? Length? Port sizes?

Temperature – Temp of the media? Temp of the outside environment?

Application – What is the hose being used for? 

Media / Material – What is going through the hose? What will be coming into contact with the outside cover of the hose?

Pressure – What is the max operating pressure of the system? 

Ends – What is the connection type and size? What should the ends be made of?

Details – What makes this application unique? Testing? Tagging? Cover protection? Certifications? 

    TCH Hose Services Center

    We make hose assemblies while you wait.  Whether you need a replacement hose on the jobsite or are prototyping a new project, we can have you back on your way in minutes. Our entire inventory is available for purchase over the counter, and our Hose Pros can help you choose the right products.
    TCH Industries Hose Center

    Pressure and Conductivity Testing

    Our multiple test stands can create pressures up to 40,000 psi. Whether you need a certificate of conformance on a new hose or want to recertify an existing hose, we can help. We provide Proof Testing—1.5 times working pressure for 5 minutes—or any test your company requires.  If you don’t have a defined test, our in-house engineers can help you arrive at one.

    Some hose assemblies require electrical conductivity to function safely. We can confirm conductivity from end to end by testing for resistance. We can also confirm a non-conductive hose assembly with a megohmmeter. Just tell us what you need, and we can certify the performance of your assembly.

    On-Site Survey

    Our experienced staff will come to your facility and examine all your hose and hose accessory applications. We will document the condition of the installed part, make recommendations on improvements, and provide a competitive quote. This service has proven especially valuable to customers when the previous hose supplier was a general industrial supply company. TCH Hose Pros will recommend the best hose designs at the most cost effective prices.

    OEM Hose Services

    If your company requires large volume, custom packaged components, we can help. Our engineers will design and develop an ISO 9001 work cell and procedure to make sure your parts are built right every time.

    This can include:

    • Engineered packaging
    • Special labeling
    • Barcoding
    • Kitting 
    • Solutions for challenging applications
    • Redesign for cost reduction
    OEM Hose Packaging