Pneumatic Quick Disconnect

TCH Industries has partnered with Dixon Valve to supply a wide range of pneumatic quick disconnects. Whether you have an industrial style pneumatic quick disconnect or an automotive pneumatic quick disconnect, TCH Industries can quickly supply the exact style you need. Please see below for more information.

Pneumatic quick disconnects (also referred to as pneumatic quick couplers, or air couplers), are mainly used for industrial pneumatic applications, connecting air tools, hoses, or other implements to compressed air supplies.

DF Series

DF Series Quick Disconnect

DF Series, or industrial quick disconnects interchange with:

  • Parker 20 Series
  • Parker 30 Series
  • Foster 3, 4, 5, & 6 Series
  • Hansen 1000, 400, & 500 Series
  • Hansen 3000, 4000, 5000, and 6000 Series

J Series

J Series Quick Disconnect

J Series, or automotive pneumatic quick disconnects interchange with :

  • Parker 10-Series
  • Truflate Automotive Interchange
  • Rectus 55KM
  • Tomco A2100/PT400

M Series

M Series Quick Disconnect

M Series pneumatic quick disconnects interchange with:

  • ARO 210 and ARO 310
  • Hansen 210 / 310 Series
  • Parker 50 Series
  • Amflo Type B

P Series

P Series Quick Disconnect

 P Series, or Thor pneumatic quick disconnects interchange with:

  • Thor PHC Series
  • National Series A
  • Dual Lock
  • Campbell Double Lock

Special fittings and attachments available.

Contact our inside sales team to help configure the metal hose and coupling that’s right for your application.

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