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Industrial hoses and fittings for any application from 1/4" to 48".

Industrial hoses, fittings and related components for your application. The diameter size range can vary from 1/4 all the way to a 48 inch custom designed hose. If the temperature is elevated we can offer metal hose or if you require the unique helix of composite hose we can help you with a solution. At a construction site, need a jack hammer hose or layflat to transfer water – we offer both rubber and PVC solutions to help you at the work site. Call us at 330-487-5155 or email us at

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Hydraulic hoses supporting pressures in excess of 5,000 PSI.

Hydraulic hose – No matter what the pressure we can help with a 6000 psi 100R12 or a 1 wire 100R2 bring it our way. Also, if you have an obscure metric fitting we can help you with our extensive inventory of American and Metric hydraulic fittings and adapters

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FDA Hose assemblies for food processing, breweries, wineries, and beverage transfer.

TCH fabricates FDA and 3a compliant hose assemblies to provide the cleanliness and purity standards you expect. Also, ask about our hose bumpers to extend the life of your hose and keep it looking cosmetically appealing.

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Custom made hoses means we can provide an engineered solution.

Custom made hoses means solutions for both small and large bore industrial applications. We can provide twelve inch material handling hose with built in victaulic ends or a six inch furnace door hose with a nomex cover for protections from heat and flames. Either way tell us about your application so we can provide an engineered solution.

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We can meet your individual
hose, fitting, or tubing needs.

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