Inlet manifold of an expansion joint

Custom Engineering an Innovative Hose Design to Function as an Expansion Joint to Meet the High Demands of Military Advanced Propulsion Concepts Testing

Few industries require more product validation and qualification than the military and aerospace sectors. Before any new technology is approved by regulatory agencies, they must undergo various levels of technology development — often in a simulated environment that’s designed to push products to their limits.

Above all, these tests must be accurate and reliable, delivering boundary conditions for performance and modeling validation and verification. Engineers can’t guarantee the reliability of their products if the testing equipment itself can’t produce accurate, repeatable results. That’s why designing functional test equipment is just as important as the products they test.

Challenges of Testing Environment

TCH Industries, a leader in custom hose and fittings, faced this demanding environment firsthand when one of its customers designed an Advanced Propulsion Concepts test facility for the U.S. military. To validate a new concept, the military has to create a custom testing environment that can simulate the following: 

  • High altitudes
  • Fluctuating environments 
  • Extreme pressures 
  • Extreme temperatures 

There was an eight-inch inlet system that would deliver air into the propulsion system to allow for reliable thrust output results. Standard bellows expansion joint designs were not feasible, as they would impart a force under the testing conditions.

Combined Technology Expertise

To overcome these challenges, TCH engineers partnered with Hose Master, a leader in metal hose and bellows expansion joints, to complete the custom hose design. Together, the companies created a custom U-loop expansion joint design that would hold up to military-grade functional testing, enabling the military to validate its Advanced Propulsion Concept. 

Learn more by reading our case study. 

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