Industrial hoses and the appropriate fittings and accessories are essential components in almost any type of production. Managing the precise flow rates while providing flexibility for conveying liquids, solids, and gases, custom designed hoses fill the need for just about all industrial, chemical, hydraulic, sanitary, brewing, and other applications.

The design of the appropriate industrial hoses and fittings depends on the job to be performed. Every industrial hose application is unique and may involve a liquid, solid or gas with objective to transfer the material from pt A to pt B. Some hose construction requires additional layers of reinforcement, insulation, and protection, and may include combinations of materials that include rubber, metal, and PTFE.

What Happens When Industrial Hoses Fail?

A failed hose can stop an entire production line, either because it is conveying an essential component, providing necessary force or lift as in a hydraulic line, providing refrigeration or sanitation.

In case of a hose break or malfunction, the first step is to disconnect and remove the faulty hose assembly from service. Disconnecting the hose may mean shutting down an entire production line for a time while the situation is remedied. Every minute of lost production can result in significant unnecessary expense.

The principal objective to fix or replace the unit before it fails, not after.

Regular Inspection and Preventative Maintenance

As with any mechanical operation, preventative maintenance and frequent inspection are essential. At some time, inevitably, any hose assembly will need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear. Regular inspection and replacement of hoses used in critical applications will eliminate unexpected downtime. Waiting until a problem occurs is a catastrophic approach since a broken hose and assembly can result in peripheral damage or even injury.

You must begin by looking for any obvious cosmetic issues such as excessive exterior cover wear or exposed reinforcement wire within. To avoid a problem, replacing worn hoses is essential. If the hose and fitting are relatively new but have not reached their expected useful life, contact your supplier for an alternative. A more durable hose may be the best solution.

When ordering a replacement, the following parameters for identifying the best industrial hoses and accessories for your situation are:

  • Size: What is the diameter and length of the required hose from fitting to fitting?
  • Temperature: What will be the maximum and minimum temperature of the material media being conveyed?
  • Application: How will be the hose be used?
  • Media: Will the material passing through be liquid, gas, or solid?
  • Pressure:  What will the PSI level of the material being conveyed?
  • Ends: What type of ends or connections will be needed?
  • Delivery: When will you need the assembly?

In some cases, hoses suspected of being overused or worn out can be tested and repaired to a like-new condition. Make sure the supplier has this capability and can give assurances that the restored hose is fully operational.

The most effective industrial hoses suppliers, like TCH Industries in Northern Ohio, offer testing and repair as well as a normal wear replacement plan as part of their hose installation.

TCH Industries: Hose, Fitting, & Sealing Experts

In technical and industrial situations, a highly trained and certified professional from TCH Industries can come on-site to assess your situation and offer recommendations for process improvement that will enhance the flow and flexibility of your systems.

TCH Industries has been a leading supplier of top-quality hoses for industrial applications for over three decades. By partnering with world-class suppliers of hoses and fittings of every type,  TCH has developed a top reputation for quality, reliability, and professionalism.

To learn more about hoses and their application and inspection, visit the TCH Industries website at If you wish to receive a quote from TCH Industries for new hoses and accessories, please complete the easy-to-use online form that requests information about your needs in a simple questionnaire.

Best yet, for easy-to-understand answers from the hose pros at TCH, the solution is to visit in person the TCH Hose Center at 2307 East Aurora Road, Twinsburg OH, only 25 miles from the heart of Cleveland.