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TCH Insights

Our team shares their hose, fittings, connector
and adapter expertise.

2019 Spring Garden Hose Sale

It is that time of year again. With the weather starting to warm up, and summer just around the corner, TCH Industries is stocked to the ceiling with Garden Hose. TCH Industries 2019 Garden Hose Spring Sale has unbeatable prices, with hose in stock and ready to take...

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Parker Twinhammer Hose

    Twinhammer™ Dual Air/Water Jackhammer hose is a unitized, specially bonded dual air and water hose assembly designed to simultaneously transfer air to power jackhammers and water to suppress silica dust during tool operation. Series 7084 hose assemblies...

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5 Most Common Types of Hydraulic Hoses

Hydraulic hoses of any type must meet very stringent standards to adapt to the pressure levels, loads, and sometimes contorted positions demanded of them. Few engineering components are expected to withstand the forces within and be flexible enough to bend or reach at...

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TCH Advantage

Is it some sort of frequent shopper program for end users? Well….. yes and no. Yes because our end users that frequently buy from us realize the advantages and value TCH brings to the table over the course of time. These advantages include the high service levels we...

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